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Modular Motion Controller MMC-203

Key features
  • Integrated controller for stepper motor stages
  • Closed loop resolution down to 50 nm (dependent on encoder)
  • A quad B differential or sin/cos analog encoder feedback
  • USB 2.0 or RS-485 interface
  • Windows GUI, and LabVIEW VI


  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Documentation & Part No.

The MMC-203 is a high performance integrated stepper motor controller/driver designed to be used as a standalone 3 axis unit. The MMC-203 is capable of driving 3 stepper motors with a resolution as fine as 2000 microsteps per fullstep in an open loop and closed loop resolution of 50nm. Other resolutions are available upon request. MICRONIX Motion Control Language allows for easy programming through simple ASCII commands.

Controller/Driver Specifications
Axes 3
Motor type Stepper Motor
Interface USB 2.0, RS-485
Commands ASCII commands
Power supply Regulated 24V DC (1A per axis)
Speed, max 10 mm/s (stage dependent)
Resolution, max 100 nm (open loop), 50 nm (closed loop)
Trajectory mode Trapezoidal velocity profile
Trajectory update frequency 1 kHz
Servo clock frequency 10 kHz
Program storage 16 storable programs per axis
Enclosure dimensions L98 x W136 x H45 mm
Software Windows GUI, LabVIEW VI
Order no.: MMC-203-
3 Axis 1
Power Supply          
40 W 1
Encoder Interface          
Analog (1 Vpp) 0
Digital (RS-422) 1

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datasheet &manual

Click to download Download Datasheet MMC-203 manual is not available.

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