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MICRONIX USA was founded in 2006 and operated as MICOS USA until 2012 with a dual purpose: 1. value added distributor of miCos GmbH products and 2. design and manufacturing center for the US market.  In June 2012, we exited distribution of miCos GmbH products to focus on the US-based development and world-wide marketing of our precision motion solutions.


MICRONIX USA specializes in miniature micro- and nano-positioning components for the biomedical and research markets. In addition to our extensive standard product line, we provide rapid product development services ranging from customization of existing products to complete customized solutions.

Our products are configurable for especially demanding application environments such as

  • Vacuum compatibility down to 10-9 mbar
  • Crygenic environments down to 77 Kelvin
  • Radiation tolerant requirements
  • Non-magnetic requirements


We also provide system integration services for precision positioning applications of any size. Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to help solve even the most demanding applications. We excel at assisting our customers in finding the best solution at a competitive price.



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